Engage4Hlth Solutions

Chronic Care Management

Engage4Hlth's chronic condition management suite of tools helps your patients address multiple conditions based on their personal preferences. Our comprehensive approach includes examining the complete picture of a person’s health, including care plan adherence, medication compliance, nutrition intake and more, to create a dynamic, integrated, and custom management program. 

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Remote Patient Monitoring

Unparalleled data insights and improved communication between providers, their patients, and electronic medical records allow physicians to care for their patients unlike ever before. Engage4Hlth's Remote Patient Monitoring offers greater convenience for members and has the potential to enable earlier interventions, improve member engagement and compliance, and generate novel data that provides a more personalized member experience.

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Hospitals and Health Systems

Engage4Hlth's platform delivers comprehensive care and meets the patient however and wherever they need help by combining all telehealth systems and providing actionable data for proactive, coordinated care. This produces dramatically better outcomes, higher patient satisfaction, and reduces hospital re-admittance. Our solution unifies chronic care, remote patient monitoring, telehealth, population health, senior care, and in-hospital care on a seamless platform.

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Home Health Practices

With our platform, Post-Acute care can be a smoother and safer transition for patients as well as providers. The RPM solution allows for increased user engagement, reduced readmissions, and increased access to care for patients while lowering the cost to deliver and improve patient outcomes.

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Payers and Payviders

Our platform closes the gap between member and patient populations. This connected care solution provides real-time tracking of members’ vitals with alerts to keep high-risk patients out of the ER.

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