Remote Patient Monitoring

Technological advancements in virtual care are shifting traditional care delivery models and the point of care to the patient’s home. Unparalleled data insights and improved communication between providers, their patients, and electronic medical records allow physicians to care for their patients unlike ever before. Engage4Hlth's Remote Patient Monitoring offers greater convenience for members and has the potential to enable earlier interventions, improve member engagement and compliance, and generate novel data that provides a more personalized member experience.

  • Monitor key physiological indicators like blood pressure, blood sugar and healthy weight. Integrated bluetooth medical devices display readings directly in the patient record for clinical review.
  • Tracks nutritional and fluid intake and monitors key micronutrients. Dieticians can work directly with the patient through in-app messaging and patients can receive educational materials.
  • Manage medication adherence through customizable reminders. Medication reminders coupled with symptom tracking allows clinicians to manage the patient’s medication in real-time.
  • Track symptoms through surveys and questionnaires. 

Key Features:

  • Video and Messaging 
    • Telehealth video sessions can be scheduled easily through an app and shared image capabilities support virtual e-visits.
    • High-resolution video calls for telehealth visits and consultations. Care teams review patients' physiological data while simultaneously speaking with the patient.
  • Medication and Nutrition 
      • Remotely manage physiological changes associated with new medications and monitor medication adherence.
  • Monitoring and Notifications
      • Patient care plans and notifications are customizable from the physician portal. When an anomaly is detected or the patient has not reviewed their vitals, the care team is notified and appropriate action can be taken by the care team and documented in our secure web portal.

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